Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sandwith Moor 12-04-2009

The back edge of the same "Front" as seen from Sandwith / Stainburn Moor, Harrogate and as also photographed from Oxenhope this morning (see that report, below) (c) J Blacker 2009

A great shot John of a dramatic "cloud" event, the split between cloud and clear probably clearly visible throughout the UK!!
Good stuff,

Oxenhope 12-04-2009

Bowland Fells and Beyond looking WNW thro Coombe Cross col (c) 2009

The odd Curlew still moving North (c) 2009

Looking NE after sunrise (c) 2009

From whence the Waxwings came!... looking west (c) 2009

The back edge of the "front".... looking east (c) 2009

Lesser Black Backed Gulls..... many moving NW (c) 2009

0645 - 1020hr DB
NWF1, Calm, 2degC, 65km+, 2/8 deep cloud....8/8 cirrostratus, QNH 1014 falling.

OXENHOPE SENTRY: Like the wind, the birds were calm and quiet! but quality not quantity! More Shelduck this morning with three NW, very high over Airedale being almost the first birds seen at 0650hr. Mipits were almost a none entity today with just a few seen going north, contrary to my intuition, all were low to medium height, not high. Albas were relatively strong today. Again early birds, a flock of ten Waxwings heard trilling on approach passed close by, just above the ground and on ENE. From where these had started out from would be interesting to know! A Merlin at very great height continued at such, gaining even more height, batting away west until lost from view in the scope, without doubt a moving bird seen only by skywatching. An interesting but discounted wagtail going silently north, could have been a yellow. The movers of the morning were Lesser Black backed Gulls with many, many moving north west in increasing numbers throughout the middle / later part of the morning. They were mostlty very high, often soaring and gliding NW, but some went through in high level flight. Kowking birds were frequently heard overhead in the near silence as they moved through, with the calls being the first indication that they were passing overhead. At least two Herring Gulls were noted amongst the LBBG's. An obliging displaying Skylark threesone was oblivious to my presence at the watchpoint and allowed some good photographs. Also a Ring Ouzel very close to the watchpoint was extreamly tame and also allowed snaps without moving off.

See for Skylark and Ring Ouzel shots!

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

Shelduck 3 > NW
Merlin 1 > high W
Curlew 1 > NW
Waxwing 10 > ENE
Meadow Pipit 18 > N and NW
LBBG 1 very sooty bird > S
LBBG 149 > NW
Herring Gull 2 > NW
SEO 1 > N
Sparrowhawk 1 > NW, 1 > W
BH Gull 2 > W
C Crow 4 > NE


Here is Howards report from our new spring watchpoint:

Hey up Dave,

South Lakeland fells clearly visible initially hazing up later on, after which the smap below was taken (S Lilley)

An extremely slow morning once again - had visions of posting a nil return at one stage. Not even enlivened by an exotic until I got to Oxenhope Watchpoint, where as you know, a lovely male Ring Ouzel obliged.

Mipit - 15 NW
Linnet - 1 S
Sand Martin - 1 N
Grey Geese - 15 WNW (prob Greylag)
Wheatear - 1 E over moor
SEO 1 > N

Other :-

Sp Hawk
Teal - pair on res.
Canada Geese

NB - 3 Swallows on Long Causeway when returning home via 1st gate.



South Lakeland fells on the most distant horizon from the watchpoint this morning becoming very hazy!! Very familliar profiles to me! (c) S Lilley 2009

All in all an interesting but very quiet morning!!


Skylark 12-04-2009

Skylark four images (c) 2009

Back Lane Ogden 12-04-2009

12/04/2009 Calm Bright and sunny. 0730-1000hrs
A quiet morning with near birdless skies when watching from Back Lane.

18 Mipits >N
7 LBBs >NW
3 Swallows >N
1 Jay very high and >NE
1 Jay very high and >N

Ring Ouzel 12-04-2009

Ring Ouzel male five images (c) 2009
A GREAT find atrem.

Thruscross 12-04-2009

Thruscross.... looking North (c) J Blacker 2009

Thruscross... looking NNE (c) J Blacker 2009

Thruscross... looking NW (c) J Blacker 2009

Thruscross.... looking SSE down Washburn valley (c) J Blacker 2009

Looking SSE (Washburn valley) zoom (c) J Blacker 2009

0645-1045 hr John Blacker, Andy Hanby

2/8 cloud- all to south. 2 degrees celsius at start. Wind light and variable- 1 max.

Slow to say the least without any real highlights!

Home early for Chocolate overdose.

Siskin 25N
Meadow Pipit 12N,
Redpoll 2N,
Swallow 6N,
Sand Martin 3N,
Woodpigeon 17N
LBBG 3 N and E.
Heron 2W
Sparrowhawk 2NW ( in addition to 4 local birds),
Lapwing 3NW,
Cormorant 1W,
Jay 1N,
C Crow 4N,
Jackdaw 9N.

Andy and John