Monday, April 17, 2006

Watchpoint 17-04-2006

Monday 17th April 2006
Members only watchpoint
1300 – 1430hr.
An improving but very windy day with morning rain drying up and sky breaking stratocumulus. Wind: W F5 gusting F7 initially, becoming W F6. Temperature: +10degC reducing 6degC with heavy hail squall at c1430hr. Precipitation: as above. Visibility: 60 – 90km max out of the hail. Cloud: stratus 9ok becoming stratocumulus 6ok, then deepening cumulus / stratocumulus 9ok. Pressure: 1009hPa steady.

Just too windy up here. Unlike yesterday at the similar time no passerine movement at all today with five Wheatears in the usual places being new – to me. A small group of Golden Plover over flew to the north and two Oystercatchers did the same but to the north-west. No gulls and no hirundines today.

Moving Birds:
Golden Plover 25 > N
Wheatear 5

Oystercatcher 2 > NW
Meadow Pipit – about six in total seen
Greenfinch 2

The sky this afternoon (SE) Monday 17th April 2006 (c) Posted by Picasa