Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oxenhope 18-03-2009

Watchpoint on arrival (c) 2009

Persistent Contrails! (c) 2009

0730 - 1100hr DB / HC
NF1/Calm, 3degC at 0700hr (frost and mist in valleys), 6degC at 0830hr, 6km, 2/8 cirro sp, QNH 1033 falling.

A beautiful spring like day in the hills, becoming very warm. Open skys but poor visibility and even heat haze! Only a short stay at the original watchpoint and then across the moor to a NEW watchpoint topographically more suited to spring migration and specifically high level S>N movement. Much higher altitude but overseeing a prominent col, water and extensive uplands..... an experiment. So we will have to see how it goes. The main disadvantage is that there is NO shelter but it will be very interesting to see what is moving through here as and when we can.

Moving birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 7 > N
Jackdaw 43 > E
C Crow 8 > N
Stonechat 1 > N
Reed Bunting 2 > N
Golden Plover c70 > N exceptionally high

NEW spring watchpoint on the Horizon! (c) 2009

NEW spring watchpoint on the Horizon !!! (c) 2009


Cirrus on the Move! 17-03-2009 pm

A Skyscape posting, absent for a while!!!

Clearing skys brought exceptional interest.

Cirrus spissatus... Oxenhope (c) 2009

Cirrus intortus.... Oxenhope (c) 2009