Saturday, July 28, 2007

Norr Hill Wilsden 28-07-2007

Looking North, Rombalds Moor and Sunnydale (c) 2007

Wilsden Swifts 28-07-2007

WSW F5 (am) / F4(pm), 16degC, 60km, 1011 rising 1014hPa, 4ok, Dry.
No Swifts moving between 1000 - 1100hrs during a visit to Norr Hill, just c12 feeding in the updraught to the west of the Hill. During the visit about 30 Starlings flew > high South.
However by 1415hrs Swifts were moving strongly WSW over Wilsden with 141 counted going WSW into the wind spread over the following hour. Similar movement continued all afternoon as the upper cirrus advanced and deepened eventually becomming cirrostratus and deepening altostratus by tea time. The low cumulus present during the morning and early part or the afternoon had long gone by tea time. When the skies were checked again at 1830hrs the Swift movement had ceased.
Moving birds:
Swift 141 > WSW per hour
Starling 30 > high S
Pied Wagtails congregating.