Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oxenhope... a real drenching! 20-07-2010

S F2, 18degC, v humid, recent v heavy rain this PM, 65km to 300m in torrential rain, mist hanging in valleys, 8/8 nimbostratus with lower fractus, QNH 1007 falling all day.
1715 - 2100hr

Same frontal system as yesterday still working longitudinally up country tracking in morning through Wales, Lancashire and up into the NE again bringing exceptionally heavy rain in these areas as the morning progressed... Again a total block from the west and north. During the morning and early afternoon there was little rain this side of the Pennines but later on a different story with absolutely torrential downpours but only in short bursts as the frontal rain broadend out to cross the Pennine ridge... upon arrival at 1715 there was little difference in the water inflow level to that of the last few days but on leaving.... flood filling was in progress with rain still sheeting down!... a very difficult drive home with flooding roads as surcharging drains to contend with. The fair weather birders expected on the Group excursion failed to materialise... only the hardy (and keen) were out tonight... DCB, CJK, MS and MJ.

Ringed Plover 4 probably the same birds as this morning
LBB Gull 10
BH Gull 3

BV visited twice during the day together with a short stay by KM. Few Gulls passing but a continuing turn over of small plovers:

0900 - 1015hr

Ringed Plover 4
LR Plover 3
Common Gull 3
Oystercatcher 1

Ringed Plover increased to 5 and possibly 6
LBB Gull 70
BH Gull 166

Brian Vickers

Oxenhope.... the beginning of the end? 19-07-2010

SW F4, 19degC, dropping from 23, V humid, 65km E - 10km W and NW rain, 8/8 nimbostratus, QNH 1016 falling after ridging at 1020hPa (0600hr).
1815 - 2000hr

Clear overnight but a front moving in / up country longitudinally after dawn brought rain over Lancs but little over this side of the Pennines. During the pm however another more intense front and again moving longitudinally up the length of the country and only inching east as it went brought even more / very intense rain over Lancashire but only heavy showers over this side of the Pennines... the interface was however very close and can be appreciated with the near visible rain to the west. The front was in fact forming a total block from the N and W! Few birds anywhere tonight with all that were on the shore departing before I left. A movement of Oystercatchers was obvious with 10 coming in from the east before moving on west into the gloom. As I was leaving, rain was pouring down... the beginning of the end?

Moving birds:
LBB Gull 68
Lapwing 3
Oystercatcher 11


Earlier on in the day BV made two visits... firstly:
0930 - 1040hr

A different combination to yesterday of small plovers confirmed continuing passage of both Ringed and Little ringed. All had moved on by mid afternoon.

Moving birds:

LRPlover 2 (1ad and 1juv)
Ringed Plover 4 (1juv and 3 ad)
Oystercatcher 1
Lapwing 10

1530 - 1645hr
LBB Gull 202
BH Gull 250
Common Gull 2
Lapwing 10
Swift 10
Herring Gull 1
Curlew 1

Brian Vickers

Stainburn Moor, Harrogate.... 18-07-2010

Stainburn Moor, Harrogate (N Yorks, England)
Sunday 18 July 2010
Counting period: 13:35-14:55
Weather: F4 SW 7/8 cloud.
Observers: A Hanby

Moving Birds:
Golden Plover 1 -
Swift 57 -
Lapwing 26 -
alba wagtail sp. 3 -
Black-headed Gull 72 -
Starling 25 -
Lesser Black-backed Gull 7 -
Linnet 9 -

Totals: 200 individuals, 8 species, 1:20 hours

Present: Lapwing 182, Stock Dove 4, Woodpigeon 125, Jackdaw 6, Rook 180, Carrion Crow 6

Comments: Lapwings building up and woodpigeons forming some larger flocks now.

Andy Hanby