Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wilsden... pinks o/h south east. 17-09-2009

Skein of c 75 reported overflying Wilsden W Yorks SE this afternoon at c1330hr. Things are hotting up!


Harrop Edge... pressure starts to fall! 17-09-2009

A dark and dismal dawn... looking north... deep stratus and stratocumulus (c) 2009
0600-0730hr Dave Barker
NNE F2, 8degC at 0600, 30km, 8/8, QNH 1026 falling 1025.

Pressure now starting to fall! A different local watchpoint this morning at Harrop Edge c1000ft asl.. No visible sunrise today with wall to wall stratocumulus throughout. The first mip was at 0650, relatively later than yesterday. Again a scattered but more intense passage with the max group being five all going fast south. No supporting cast this morning, just the mips and not even any gulls. Albas again in the same field as yesterday feeding up with a total count of c31… some of these looked interesting but no time to look today!

Moving birds
Meadow Pipit c42 > S