Sunday, November 06, 2011

palumbus gigantica!!.... 2011-11-06

 first light..... (c) 2011
 Sunrise..... (c) Howard Creber 2011
 Mid morning!!.... before the cumulus (c) 2011
 mid morning.... with North Sea clag.... (c) 2011
 pig profusion... just a few.... (c) 2011
 more pigs.... (c) 2011
more pigs.... (c) 2011

Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Sunday 6 November 2011
Counting period: 6:40 - 13:40
Weather: wind North1, cloud-cover 0/8, visibility 65000m, temperature 2 ℃, NW F1/2 becoming N then NNE, 0 becoming 1ok, 2degC hard frost, 65km, QNH1023 rising 1027
Observers: Dave Barker, Howard Creber, Lester Ward

Cormorant 3 -
Stock Dove 5 -
Brambling 3 -
Pink-footed Goose - 415* and see below
Woodpigeon 20664 -
finch sp. 132 -
Greylag Goose - 32
Meadow Pipit 3 -
Greenfinch 20 -
Goosander 2 -
alba wagtail sp. 1 -
Goldfinch 15 -
Red Kite 2 -
Fieldfare 876 -
Siskin 1 -
Sparrowhawk 4 -
Redwing 240 -
Crossbill 7 -
Common Buzzard 7 -
Mistle Thrush 1 -
Reed Bunting 4 -
Merlin 1 -
Jackdaw 15 -
bunting sp. 1 -
Lapwing - 140
Starling - 259
Red Admiral 1 -
Snipe 1 -
Chaffinch 6 -

Totals: 22861 individuals, 29 species, 7:00 hours

Comments: Gulls not counted but nowhere near as much passage as yesterday. Ideal conditions for birds and man in conjunction with the time of year brought the awaited, expected deluge past us. Woodpigeons were their timeslot target at the expense of all else which was vastly undercounted. Even the pigeons would be undercounted as there were just so many in all directions. Most pigeon movement much much higher than normal but spot on for the conditions. Movement broad front with us with all routes open and in use from before sunrise, peaking and then with a c logrithmic decay throughout the morning with a few pigs still going after lunch. Otherwise, nothing dramatic with the thrushes. Starlings, few initially picked up NW towards the end of the morning and into the afternoon as if in conjunction with an arrival. Finches lumped together except for the closest as no time to do em. Raptors taking advantage and really going for it with a broad front wave of very high Buzzards all travelling SW in a very short time frame being exceptionally interesting. All the pinks today were travelling NW and the totals include another skein seen by Lester from another site which apparently came right over our heads at great height and unseen by us.