Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oxenhope... rich and abundant! 20 to 30-03-2011

"ghost of" Brown Hare at seat.... (c) 2011 Grey Herons visit frequently from the local heronry... (c)2011 Cormorant east.... (c) 2011 Greylag return influx... (c) 2011 Redshank.... first pair return... (c) 2011 Ready for off!... but not too far (c) 2011 Redshank pair in last sun... (c) 2011

That which glitters is our GOLD!... five images (c) 2011

Redshanks settle in... two pairs (c) 2011

Kestrel..... the local male overhead... (c0 2011

Lapwings... tumbling over territory... many! (c) 2011

Snipe drumming over territory.... three pairs at least... montage (c) 2011

Ever watchful... Ever waiting.... far too many of these!... (c) 2011

Redshanks settling in.... two images (c) 2011

Redshanks cross the in-bye... (c) 2011

Peace and tranquillity... edge of dark... crows still watching... Curlews splitting up and tending to stay out on the moor.... (c) 2011

Peace and tranquillity... edge of dark... (c) 2011

Grass Owls back.... undisclosed site.... (c) 2011

Sorry if the content of these postings is not what you have logged on to see... ie its non vis!! but kicked the habit this season... sadly not out of choice but out of necessity to concentrate on a limited spectrum of the avifauna of the environs of the watchpoint.... its locally the best of its habitat type there is! The following is a brief summary only.

Sunday 20th March 2011



Cormorant 1 E

Golden Plover 71 around the moor field for most of the day

Twite 3 flushed at close range

Wheatear 1

Curlew c 50 still coming to roost area

Redshank 2

Oystercatcher 6

Meadow Pipit 100's.. whilst not counted a good move today with up to c200 grounded on Soil Hill late pm

Greylag Goose 4 the first influx back here

Raven 2... probable first summer birds

Starlings N and E in good numbers

Snipe 2.... drumming from two locations

Friday 25th March 2011


Golden Plover 47

Cormorant 1

Goosander 24

Oystercatcher 2 pairs

Redshank 2 pairs

Snipe drumming 3 areas

Lapwings dispursed, territorial, many displaying and judging by the activity of the carrions, some now with clutches

Wheatear 2

Raven assumed first summer bird.


Golden Plover 73 roost + 26

Curlew c50 roost

alba c 40 roost

Redshank 2 pairs


Goosander 39 roost... now becoming irregular and thus assume transient

Snipe drumming

Tawney Owl in wood

Saturday 26th March 2011


Golden Plover 71 in moor field area

Goldeneye 14 (up to 7 on recent visits)

Goosander 24

Lapwing..,. armies of crows over breeding areas

Snipe drumming from three areas

Oystercatchers 4

Redshank 4

Curlews dispursed and not countable but much activity

Sunday 27th March 2011


As previous but three Wheatears and Redshank pair on in-bye


Redshank 4

Curlew 32 pre roost

Goosander and Goldeneye numbers fallen significantly

Monday 28th March 2011


Redshank 4 two pairs

as previous but

Golden Plover, only 3 on moor field

Oystercatcher 2

Curlew well spreadout

Tuesday 29th March 2011


as before

Redshank 4 two pairs

Goosander 10

Oystercatcher 2

Golden Plovers c40 on moor field... for the first time this season singles leaving the pack on the moor field on three occasions and flighting to localities the moor...

Carrion Crows constantly worrying Lapwings, some obviously now with clutch

Wheatear 2


Redshank 4

Grey Partridge calling from 3 areas

Red legged Partridge noisy

Snipe drumming from four areas

Curlew.... roost diminished c20

Oystercatcher 6

Goosander 10