Friday, April 30, 2010

Oxenhope... swifts come strong! 30-04-2010

Early Morning Haze.... prior to the rain (c) 2010

Wheatear through the Rain.... (c) 2010

Lessers battle through... (c) 2010

Lessers battle through... a different bird... (c) 2010

W F2 rising W F5, 6degC, 30km, 8/8 heavy showers, QNH 1006 falling
0600 - 1045hr

Next to nothing in the first hour except for a very few mipits north. The first Swifts came at 0710... two going low north in the dark sky, just before the first of the showers. Soon after this things came to a halt as the cloud came down and heavy intermittent rain started. After the rain more Swifts came north... all were relatively low and in singles or twos at a range of distances and thin broad front movement just above horizon level was apparent. Swallows were also moving in singles and small parties at a similar level with at least some using the wave wall as a leading line whilst trawling for food. Just a scattering of Wheatears this morning still scurrying after insects in the rain.... later in the morning all had moved on. Lessers still moving strongly N and NW, with some coming down to the water. Three Dunlin left to the north. An interesting but not especially captivating morning.

Moving birds:
Meadow Pipit 9 > N
Skylark 3 > E
Swift 53 > N
Swallow 2o > N and NW
Wheatear 7 > N
Lesser black backed Gull 45 > N
Curlew 3 > E
Dunlin 3 > N


This movement reinforced by increasing Swift numbers at key sites in Airedale:

Airedale, Gilstead, Leeds and Liverpool Canal

60c Swift over sewage works plus a few House Martin, Sand Martin and Swallow. Goldcrest singing by crossover bridge. Other birds seen Sparrowhawk, Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush, Jay and Oystercatcher. Pair of Blackcap in my garden eating Ivey berries.

A Trem