Friday, April 04, 2008

Harrier North

(c) 2008

Starlings Overhead 04-04-2008

(c) 2008

Fly Flat Reservoir 04-04-2008

FLY FLATTS - FRIDAY 4TH APRIL 2008 - 0915 hrs - 1215hrs

Hey up lads,
Started off very cold with a F5 NW straight in the face and rather poor visibility.However,improved mid morning with wind dropping and noticeably warmer - partial clear blue skies with altocumulus, some fractus, cirrocumulus, cirrus and velum.
Vis Mig :
Meadow Pipits - a very good movement of Mipits throughout observation period with up to 15 birds in a group. All heading north in two basic streams - directly over the res and over the windmills. Counted (minimum) 308 Mipits.
Pied Wagtail - 4 birds high north (a 3 group & a single).
Goldfinch - 3 high north over windmills. 
Swallow - 2 seperate birds along the road north.
Wheatear - 2 (seperate male and female) moving through over moor near windmills.
Others :
Kestrel - 4
Goldeneye on res - 1 male
Usual numbers of Curlew, Canada Geese, Lapwings (several blogging) and Snipe.
Golden Plover - 20