Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oxenhope... Wheatears picking up.. 08-08-2009

Wheatears again moving south mainly young birds:
Fly Flatts 2,
Nab Water Lane 10,
Trough Lane 4.

Brian Vickers

Brian.... 6 also from Oxenhope watchpoint this am: see below.


Oxenhope... juvi Curlews on the move 08-08-2009

Wheatears passing through (c) 2009

Wheatears passing through (c) 2009

Juvenile Curlews on the move, still all going west (c) 2009

0730 - 1130hr
WSW F3, 13degC at 0700, 45km, 1/8 cirrostratus, QNH 1021 rising.

Lots in the sky this morning with, Swallows, Curlews, BH Gulls and Wheatears on the move. Also lots of butterflies passing through NW including two Speckled Wood.... very uncommon here on the moors! Groups of Swallows kept appearing mainly but not exclusively high and all moving south interspersed with gathering and feeding. The sky was full of insect soup and many sallies attempting to and actually catching passing butterflies and large flies were noted. Several groups of Curlews passed west and north west with the ones being close enough to photograph all being juveniles. Wheatears were noted moving south west onto and past the wave wall... over the water and on. All in all a fair morning but with a limited range of species.

Moving Birds and Butterflies:
Swallow 157 > S and SW
BHGull 135 > S and W
LBB Gull 46 incl juvs > SW and NW
Wheatear 5 > S and SW
Curlew 11 > W and NW
Large White 19 > NW
Green veined White 23 > NW
Speckled Wood 2 > NW
Small Skipper 1 > NW
Small White 5 > NW

Teal... pair with chicks!


Oxenhope... contrail vis 08-08-2009

0730 - 1130hr
Milky skies and heat haze limited clarity this morning but the routes as always were very active. These are just a sample!

Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 > E (c) 2009

Emirates Airlines Airbus A380 > E (c) 2009

British Airways NNW (c) 2009

Northwest Airlines (USA) NNW (c) 2009

United Airlines (USA) NNW (c) 2009

American Airlines NNW (c) 2009

This helicopter arrived from the south for a lifting job over the moor.
Aerospacial AS 350 SD2 Squirrel

Globemaster Flypast! (c) five images 2009

Lufthansa Overhead (c) 2009

British Airways Overhead (c) 2009

American Airlines Overhead (c) 2009

United Airlines Overhead (c) 2009

Northwest Airlines Overhead (c) 2009

Northwest Airlines (c) 2009

Delta Airlines.... new livery (c) 2009

Delta Airlines... new livery (c) 2009

KLM > East (c) 2009

American Airlines (c) 2009

American Airlines (c) 2009

American Airlines (c) 2009

Air France Overhead (c) 2009

(c) 2009

Air France (c) 2009

Air France (c) 2009

Air France (c) 2009