Monday, September 24, 2012

Oxenhope.... 2012-09-24

Image Copyright 2012

Oxenhope, Bradford (W Yorks, England)
Monday 24 September 2012
Counting period: 6:50-10:00
Weather: wind NE4, cloud-cover 8/8, precipitation rain, visibility 200m, temperature 8 ℃, gusting F6 becoming NE F3, 9degC, cloudbase c 900ftasl, QNH 993 falling 990
Observers: Dave Barker

Moving birds:
Swallow 14 -
Meadow Pipit 52 -
House Martin 1 -
alba wagtail sp. 1 -

Totals: 68 individuals, 4 species, 3:10 hours
Present: Wheatear 1

Comments: Rain becoming heavy laTER. Sat in car at bottom of col for c90mins and then later on ridge viewing out of window. Surprising amount of movement still happening with low mipits both coming up from the valley, sneaking over the col and on S also following the ridge S. Also a few swallows with a house martin in amongst. Wheatear in the field.

Weasle very active and at very close range hunting and ultimately catching one of yesterdays shrews before carrying it off between its jaws squeaking.