Thursday, January 10, 2013

Barnacle Geese.... a few more snaps!... and "catchup"

Barnacle Geese six images, strictly Copyright 2013
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Nocturnals January 2013

After a frantic first three weeks in December 2012, night skies this year suddenly just like the grave with just the odd thrush, a Golden Plover and a few Jackdaws during the evenings up to c 2300hr.... (overnight periods still to analyse). Tonight whilst walking down for the shopping a couple of very noisy Pink-footed Goose skeins 5 minutes either side of 1900hr on almost the same track directly NW well up in open starlit skies.... inversion fogs starting to form below. Downside at this time of year in addition to dearth, being the onset of the dawn chorus, for more than a week now interference from distant robin song starting variably between 0230 and 0330 will be making auto analysis impossible, but perhaps not missing much anyway yet!

Nocturnals and Diurnals

Woodcock seen in headlights flying across moor road in front of car after dark at 1710hr towards open moor at Oxenhope. Perhaps moving on. (HC)
Pink-footed Goose, two very noisy large skeins 5 min either side of 1900hr travelling NW in starlight over the Wilsden Cemetery area (DCB)

6 Waxwings over my garden in Oxenhope at 13.30 hrs today (090113). No sign of any pink geese, tho` busy in garden. (HC)

Also 8 Waxwings in trees at the Oxenhope car park of the KWVR at 11.15 am. (HC)

Also, in addition to the circa 200 Waxwings in Keighley centre today, circa 25 waxwings went west over my daughters house in Queensbury at 12.15 hrs 2nd January. Apologies for delay in this latter report. (HC)


Woodcock overhead Wilsden, edge of dark, unusual just here. Perhaps moving on (DCB)