Sunday, March 22, 2009

Eric Simms

Heard some sad news today.... Eric Simms, UK pioneer Visible Migration researcher, passed away on 1st March 2009. His early works on both Visible Migration and Wildlife Sound Recording inspired me and surely others in many respects.


Oxenhope Spring Watchpoint 22-03-2009

Col open but only just!! (c) 2009

Cloudbase Down.... Fog Stratus (c) 2009

Late Morning.... Sun breaking through! (c) 2009

0800 - 1100hr DB/HC/RP
WF5 gusting F7, becoming WNWF5, 4DegC, 1km - 25km, 8/8 stratus, fog stratus, fractus, QNH1030 falling.

Far too windy up here both for the vis and to watch it! Initially then intermittently the stratus was down often blocking the col. It was bitter cold with fractus "in the face". As the morning progressed the cloudbase lifted and the the wind shifted WNW and dropped a bit but passage did not not improve.... A poor morning in all respects.

Moving birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 3 > N
Curlew 1 > N
alba wagtail 1 > N
Reed Bunting 1 > N