Saturday, June 04, 2005

Watchpoint 04-06-2005

Members only watchpoint 04-06-2005
Saturday 4th June 2005
1600 – 1745hr
Weather and Sky:
Initially an improving afternoon but wind and cloud later increasing to give lashing rain by 1745hr. Wind: initially W F4 increasing W F5 gusting F7. Temp: 14 dp 10. Visibility: Settle / Drax both max. Cloud: initially stratocumulus 6ok, breaking 4ok with altocumulus lenticularis with some mackerel 3ok, becoming deep cumulus 8ok with rain. Pressure: rising 1008 to 1009.

Virtually no birds in the sky except for the locals all very busy. Post breeding Starling congregations seen from this elevated location, in the various in-byes and rough pastures amounted to seven large groups, each about 100 strong. No definite movement patterns seen, although they had mostly disappeared by the end of the afternoon. Only two Lesser black-backed Gulls and nine Black headeds moved through, all to the north-west.

Birds in the sky:
Lesser black-backed Gull 2 > NW
Black headed Gull 9 > NW

Starling c700

Geese 03-06-2005

A good record Paul. Almost certain you are right. It seems from other info now to hand that Canada evening / night movement does occur / has been noted elsewhere within the last few days.
Many thanks Paul,

Anyone else getting goose movement?

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I've just read your note re Canada Geese. Tonight (3rd) I saw a skein of geese moving across Hollins Hill in a north-easterly direction. I was unfortunately too far away to decide what they were, I suspect Canadas because of their size. I was headingfrom the White Cross roundabout towards Baildon and could see them about a mile away low down in the sky. When I got to that spot they had, of course, moved out of view.