Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dark Skies and Swifts

An interesting composition Brian Posted by Picasa

Dark Skies and Swifts over Cold Edge! (c) BS

Sundays Swifts at Cold Edge

Thanks for the super sharp shots of the Swifts Brian - very welcome! Anyone else got photos of flying birds?

Watchpoint 01-08-2005

Members only watchpoint 01-08-2005
A short report tonight with records from various sources:

0930 – 1030hr BVOystercatcher: 3 left very high WSWRedshank: 1 arrived and stayed all day, to be joined by another at dusk, total 2.

c1300 – c1500hr BV / PCArctic Tern arrived c1430hr and left soon after low over moor before gaining much height and off WSW.

1835 – c2100hr BV / DCB
Weather and Sky;
Heavily overcast to east and overhead but clear bright sky to far west and north-west. Wind:Calm / WSW F1 but initially (very variable) with Calm / N F1 at 2030hr. Temp: 16 dp 12. Visibility: .Leck Fell NNW / max Kippax E. Cloud: stratus extent as described above initially 7ok becoming 5ok (clearing from W). Pressure: 1020hpa.

Empty skies again with hardly any Gulls moving at all. Upon arrival at site it was immediately apparent that some form of disturbance had "cleared the lot", with empty water as well as the skies! Still air seemingly not supportive of much movement, except for the flies – very troublesome.

Swift 5 > SW
Linnet 6 > W
Were the only passerines seen moving. No Swallows or Martins at all.


Common Tern ad.At 2012hr we both simultaneously shouted "TERN" as the bird crossed in front of the island where the Curlew roost was gathering and we were scoping. The bird continued to approach and crossed right in front of us at the north end as it continued on and with very noticeably deepening wing beats it veered west and on a straight track began to climb up and away. The bird was watched for several minutes keeping strictly west and assending, and most likely "Ribble" bound, which due to great height achieved, it would without doubt be able to see before it was lost from our view.

Some Other:
Curlew 9
Green Woodpecker 1
Gulls: small numbers.
Weather and other numbers / detail will be added tomorrow!