Friday, November 28, 2008

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 28-11-2008

Caldene Fields, Low Moor, Bradford.

28th November 08 Watch 07.15 – 08.30
Weather: A dry cold start with 30% high cloud cover to the S/E and a F1 S/E wind. Very good visibility to beyond 11 miles and a temp of –1c giving a heavy ground frost.

Comments: I honestly thought with the drop in temperature giving a heavy ground frost that just perhaps there may have been a movement of Wood Pigeon S but I was wrong. Only 2 genuine birds were tracked moving S from Bierley through to Emley Moor !. The only birds of any interest were a single party of Starling which flew high to the N/W. It is now safe to say any passage and movements have stopped here ( except perhaps for any cold weather movements in mid winter). This concludes an excellent season for me here at Caldene Fields watch Point.

Black Headed Gull > 9 S
Wood Pigeon > 2 S
Alba Wagtail > 7 W + 4 E = 11
Starling > 15 N/W
Jackdaw > 2 S/W
C Crow > 2 N/W
Greenfinch > 18 S/W
Chaffinch > 3 S/W
Goldfinch > 4 S/W + 1 N/W = 5

Martyn Priestley