Friday, October 10, 2008

Oxenhope 10-10-2008

The Sky at 0730hr some nice Stratocumulus lenticularis forming (c) HC 2008

More Lenticularis.... looking south (c) HC 2008

Oxenhope, W Yorks.
0720 - 1000hr HC
W F5/F6 gusting F7/F8, 10degC rising 12, 65km, 6/8 - 4/8 overcast becomming open, QNH 1021 rising

W F5/F6 gusting F7/F8. Visibility out to Drax and Bowland fells.4/8.Stratocumulus with Lenticularis and various Cirrus types.

Today was INVIS-MIG. Never have I experienced such a birdless day at the watchpoint - literally NOWT. The culprit this time was the very forceful and gusting wind - the birds like me were obviously hunkering down - me deckchaired out behind the wavewall. Judging by the waves on the reservoir, I would have been better bringing my surfboard.

No blogging birds and nothing calling in the wood apart from Goldcrests heard on the way out - DIRE is the word.

Better luck next time.


Cirrus spissatus (c) HC 2008

Altocumulus lacunosus (c) HC 2008

Lenticularis producing virga (fallstreaks) (c) HC 2008