Thursday, May 05, 2011

An Afternoon at Fly.... 05-05-2011

Dunlin, one of six present

Bar tailed Godwit present all afternoon (montage)

Bar tailed Godwit ditto (montage)

Rook.... very rare up here!


Sanderling with Redshank comparison

Sanderling (montage)

A brilliant afternoon with good birds and good company. A barwit was noted in full summer plumage at the Oxenhope end shortly after I arrived.... I was contemplating ringing DS when I noted three obvious birders at the Wainstalls end... Nick, Dave and Jen. After we had been watching the barwit for a while, Nick scanned on a bit and the next bird on was a Sanderling! and then a Rook came over..... almost as rare as either of these waders up here. During the first part of the afternoon Dunlin were prominent and fantastic to hear and see them display..... Common Sands and lots of Redshank.... will be visiting again soon as its just too good to miss up here!