Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the contrails come good!!!.... 2011-11-30

 pre sunrise today.... (c) 2011
 the bristleing col at dawn!.... (c) 2011
 Queensbury Skyscape at Dawn.... THE land of masts and pylons... (c) 2011
 Sunrise today.... (c) 2011
 Brilliant blue.... 1ok.... (c) 2011
ANZ.... The Aukland Express!!... (c) 2011
 Ethiad Overhead..... (c) 2011
 Product of War?.... globie going back!.... (c)
Norwegian Air Shuttle out of Oslo.... (c) 2011

Oxenhope, Bradford (W Yorks, England) Wednesday 30 November 2011 Counting period: 7:30-9:30 Weather: wind SSW4, cloud-cover 1/8, visibility 65000m, temperature 3 ℃, SSW F4 becoming F5, 1ok, 3degC, 65km, QNH 1015 rising 1016
Observers: Dave Barker

Woodpigeon - 16
Starling - 2
Fieldfare 2 -

Totals: 20 individuals, 3 species, 2:00 hours

Comments: A morning of brilliant blue skies but with little in them up here. Bitter cold and exceptionally raw before the sun got up. Would have stayed longer but chilled to the bone. Few pigeons NE. Thus with open blue above in long gaps of nothing, the contrails came good!... not all of these Oxenhope snaps were taken today....