Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fire and Ice 25-12-2007

Sunset Tonight.... Christmas Day (c) 2007

Oxenhope 25-12-2007 "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

The blue light of Cold Clinging Mist initially (c) 2007

A GREEN Christmas Morning... Stubden from the Watchpoint (c) 2007

0800 - 1030hr
WNW F1, 2degC, 10km ground mist and fog banks, 8/8, 1010hPa falling.

Great to have the time to get out for dawn again but up here empty skies and no moving birds at all. A dawn chorus of many Red Grouse a Raven and a Wren on the moor was prolific!! Light and conditions were dramatic with swirling ground mist, rolling fog banks and intermittently wild skies. Birds that were in the sky apart from the breaking gull and Goosander roosts were a couple of Reed Buntings, several Carrion Crows and a cacophony of Jackdaws all mingling with the drifting sound of distant church bells rising through the mist from the valley. Sadly a green, damp but calm Cristmas morning here.


I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy VIS filled New Year!!!


Rolling Fog Banks (c) 2007

Wild Upper Skies at dawn!! (c) 2007