Thursday, October 02, 2008

Paul Clough 02-10-2008

Paul Clough, Oxenhope, W Yorks. 0730- 0930hr.

Ring Ouzel 2, Blackbird 8, Song Thrush 1, Bullfinch 10+, Goldcrest 2, Chaffinch 12, Coaltit 1, Bluetit 6, Cormorant 1.

Birds not moving out of the Clough, only the Ring Ouzels which departed at 0900hr.

Harden Cullingworth Rd 1530hr, 14 Swallows feeding in the lee of a large manure heap.

Brian Vickers.

Caldene Fields Watchpoint 02-10-2008

2nd October 08 Watch 07.15 – 08.30
Weather: A dry pleasant morning with 80% thin high cloud breaking to the east giving sunny periods. An F1 west wind with a slight drop in temp to 7c

Comments: A relatively poor watch with a number of birds possible moving very high up as distant calls of Redpoll were heard but no birds seen. Greenfinch numbers slightly increased and a southerly movement of BH Gull was noted. One point of interest was on the 29/9 a small number of Mistle Thrush moved N/W and a Redwing was noted, today Mistle Thrush again moved N/W and a single Redwing moved south.

Cormorant > 2 W
Black Headed Gull >121 S/S/W
Wood Pigeon >16 S
Meadow Pipit > 28 S
Alba Wagtail > 5 S + 3 W/N/W =8
Starling > 3 S/W
Mistle Thrush > 4 N/W
Redwing > 1 S
Jackdaw > 2 S/W
Carrion Crow > 5 S/W
Chaffinch > 4 S + 1 N/W =5
Greenfinch > 3 S/W + 25 N/W = 28
Goldfinch > 3 S/W + 7 N/W =10


Oxenhope 02-10-2008

Ingleborough at Dawn.... Mist filling the Aire Gap (c) 2008

Sky to the NE before Sunrise (c) 2008

Flasby Fells with mist rising beyond (c) 2008

CuNim tops over the Irish Sea! (c) 2008

Oxenhope, Bradford, W. Yorks.
0700 - 0945hr DB/HC

WNW F2, 3.4degC almost a frost! rising 7, 65km, 3/8 open sky overhead, CuNim approacing from over the Irish Sea, deep stratus withdrawing over the North Sea, QNH 999 rising 1000.

Despite conditions looking good there was very little moving in the sky here at all! Perhaps sky a little too open and a tad too cold? Almost more aeroplanes than birds! Mipits were mainly just in ones and twos and despite constant scanning with the hope of at least Pinks and possible Barnacles, no geese were seen at all. After reading your post Mavis re all the pinks comming our way over Darwen this morning, maybe just maybe we diddent stay long enough?

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 101 > S and W
LBB Gull 4 > S
Redpoll 5 > W
Grey Wagtail 4 > W
Reed Bunting 1 > W
GS Woodpecker 1 > S
Cormorant 1 > SW
Linnet 1 > W
Snipe 1 > W


Base Camp today! here are the chairs behind the wall Tim (c) 2008