Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oxenhope 13-09-2008 evening

Evening Sun.... looking NE (c) 2008

Tranquility Over the In-bye (c) 2008

1805 - 1935hr
W F1, 15degC, 65km, 4/8 open to west o/cast to east, QNH 1021 rising.

An ideallic evening to be out, the only distraction being the millions of midges after the blood! No Honey Buzzards despite constant scoping the vast expanse of sky to the east but the (I believe) best ever evening count of mipits on the move all were high and going SW on a thin broad front throughout the evening. The largest party seen was 23 but in the bright light and at hight they were very difficult to pick up at times. Yesterday evening not a single mipit was seen at all during similar observation hours at the watchpoint but tonight lots.... just like an early morning in reverse light!! Three very high Cormorants were picked up at very great distance comming head on from the north they overflew the watchpoint at terrific hight and went straight on without deviating..... What will tomorrow bring??!!

Moving Birds:
Curlew 1 > W
Meadow Pipit 296 > SW
Cormorant 3 > S


Sunset Tonight (c) 2008

Last Light through Watersheddles / Coumbe Cross col (c) 2008

Paul Clough Area 13-09-2008

Manorlands Oxenhope,
50+ Swallows feeding over the trees at 0900,

Nab Water lane,
3 Wheatear,

Fly Flatts,
5 wheatear, 1 Whinchat, 4

Brian Vickers

[vismig] Pager Vis 13-09-2008

Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 12:29 PM
Subject: [vismig] Pager Vis 13-09-2008

For anyone that doesent yet know there have been many arrivals of Honey Buzzards reported (at least 32 upto 1215hr) down much of the English east coast this morning. Many specifically mentioned in off the sea.

Also 10,000 mipits (wow thats a lot!) south past Spurn reported.

A good morning at Oxenhope today.... Big moves of Snipe and Swallow here, details to follow later!


Oxenhope 13-09-2008

Ferrybridge and Drax through the Drizzle (c) 2008

0650 - 1200hr DB/HC and Josh

WSW F3 increasing F4, 12degC initially, 1km - 100km+, 8/8 heavy drizzle and low cloud initially, QNH 1015 rising 1018.

An improving morning with low cloud and heavy drizzle initially. Visibility becoming 3km and drizzle ceasing by 0815hr after which visibility increased rapidy out to the east. Meadow Pipits were moving exceptionally well in groups of up to 55 initially. Most if the 527 counted came through in the first hour..... the period of poor visibility and drizzle and it diddnt seem to worry them at all... The only problem was that you could only see a fraction of what would have been on the move, all were going south... birds were frequently heard but not seen above the low cloud base. Snipe were phenominal with twelve parties located throughout the morning the largest of which was 11, all were going fast west. The first Swallow not seen until 0830hr, numbers seen gradually increased throughout the morning with 723 up to 1100hrs and a further 526 in the final hour up to 1200hr. Most of the Swallows were travelling south east and nearly all were high and travelling in waves of groups the largest of which was estimated at 240 birds. Wigeon also deserve a mention, with a single skein of 10 going fast west at 0840hr. Visibility out to the east became very very clear mid morning underneath the cloudbase with buildings in Hull and a chimney thought to be in Grimsby never seen before becomming clearly visible. Beverley Minster could also be seen..... very infrequent from this site.

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

Meadow Pipit 527 > S

Siskin 3 > SW

Grey Wagtail 5 > W

Snipe 51 > W

Swallow 1249 > SE

Dunlin 1 > W

Chaffinch 5 > SW

alba wagtail 4 > SE

Wigeon 10 > W

Linnet 1 > W

Cormorant 1 > W

Starling 1 > W

Goosander 3 > S

Redpoll 3 > S