Saturday, September 10, 2005

Watchpoint 10-09-2005

Members only watchpoint 10-09-2005
Saturday 10th September 2005
1445 – 1720hr (DCB, MD)
Weather and Sky:
An improving afternoon following a horrendous morning with typical easterly conditions here in the hills. Initial low cloud with base below 700ft asl, heavy continuous rain and visibility less than 200m all leading to reschedule of early am visit to pm. Wind: NE F3, remaining similar. Temp: 13, remaining similar. Precipitation: mainly dry but with some light drizzle. Visibility: initially c500m, soon improving to c5500m max. Cloud: low stratus with cloudbase gradually lifting and compacting and visibility improving. Pressure: gradually rising all day, 1014hpa.

An initial search for the Wryneck seen briefly yesterday (PC, RHP, MT) was negative in all respects with no other birds located, either grounded or using the search area. However small parties of Meadow Pipit (throughout) and Snipe were noted on the move overhead. Once at the watchpoint, waders were the obvious interest with six Ringed Plovers and three Dunlin being noted immediately. More Ringed Plovers were heard over flying but unseen and a little later a further three Ringed Plovers arrived from the east, making a total of nine present. Three further Snipe overflew going west, giving an afternoon total of 12 and by 1645hr four Turnstone had come from somewhere and joined up with the other small waders on the shore, however these soon left along with some of the Ringed Plovers, all going off high to the north-west. Two Lapwings were on the shore and a group of 24 Golden Plovers were circling, both of these species being returns to the area.

Moving Birds:
Ringed Plover 9
Dunlin 3
Turnstone 4 > NW
Snipe 12 probably all > NW
Meadow Pipits: several uncounted groups > W
Grey Wagtail 1 > W
Chaffinch, none but (an interesting report from yesterday afternoon of 48 Chaffinch > W (RHP))

Lapwing 2
Golden Plover 24
No Gulls at all.