Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oxenhope.... quiet! 30-05-2010 pm

Tufted Ducks > NW... (c) 2010

Oxenhope International Gullport!.... (c) 2010
NW F5, 12degC, 65km, 4/8, -1130, QNH 1015 rising
1905 - 2100hr
Lessers still passing through with many touching down briefly before onward NW. Interestingly a total of five BH Gulls also through NW this evening... the first for some while. More Tufted Ducks also through with these on NW. Watch from the hide tonight... just like the old days!
Moving Birds:
Lesser BB Gull 47 > NW
BH Gull 5 > NW
Tufted Duck 4 > NW
Dunlin 2
Interestingly a good move of Swifts this afternoon all into the wind and not very high but seemed to have quelled by the time I got up there.

Oxenhope... ringed plover surge! 30-05-2010

Ringed Plover.... five of six arriving from the SE... (c) 2010

Ringed Plover six of eight on the deck... (c) 2010
Double click to find and count them!

Dunlin... (c) 2010

Dunlin... (c) 2010

Meadow Pipit in the Heather... (c) 2010

Dunlin against the light! (c) 2010

NW F1 rising NW F6, 9degC rising, 65km, 4/8, -1100, QNH 1007 rising 1010.
0600 - 1145hr
A brilliant fresh morning after yesterdays fogs and deluge with most importantly waders still hard on the move. Eight Ringed Plovers... these must have arrived overnight... were in the bay upon arrival. Upon first spooking of the lessers these left almost immediately to the NW. Then a period of quiet before another six arrived from the SE in a tight group. These didnt stop and went straight on through NW. A small party of Dunlin were feeding at the edge during the first part of the morning before disapearing unseen. To compound on yesterdays Starling event... the first this autumn c150 were in the in-byes and appeared to be working north.
Moving birds:
Ringed Plover 14 > NW
Dunlin 4
Lesser BB Gull 36 > N
Starling 150 > N
Swallow 6 > NW
House Martin 5 > NW
Cuckoo 1