Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oxenhope... international gull and waderport! 15-08-2010

The White Horse of Kildburn... through the haze!. (c) 2010

Mediterranean Gull leaving > NW... saw and caught this one just in time!.... five snaps (c) 2010

Lesser black backed Gull... Swedish colour ring... I think.... but will confirm!... (c) 2010

Detail through the heat haze!... (c) 2010

Lesser blacked Gull.... Norwegian colour ring... I think!... (c) 2010

Detail through the heat haze!... (c) 2010

Lesser black backed Gull with Norwegian colour ring.... further details as soon as I get them.... (c) 2010

Norwegian colour ring...Detail through the heat haze!!...

Black tailed Godwit contrary to the norm up here... "limosa" or confusion.. it may well be juv islandica... some more work to do on this yet!.... (c) 2010

Black tailed Godwit...see above (c) 2010

NNE F2/3, 15degC, 30km, 3/8, QNH 1025 rising
0830 - 1200hr DCB, CJK
An overcast night with skies opening up c o730 but leaving deep fractus over the moors initially... soon thining to leave hazy skies, characteristic of an easterly blow, for the rest of the day. More LBB Gulls with colour rings and in addition to the ones shown above, a couple of sadly unreadable NW Gull project rings. Another phenomenal move of lessers with many dropping out for a drink and a rest. Mipits everywhere initially but too late this morning for any real movement except for the normal filtration west. Swallows... a different kettle of fish... right on time for these and a good move SE apparent.
LBB Gull 665
BH Gull 258
Mipit 100+ in congregations
Goosander 11 > N
Mallard 28
Herring Gull 3
Whimbrel 1
Lapwing 1
Common Sandpiper 1
Common Gull 1
Swallow 210
Curlew 3
CALM becoming NNE F2, 20degC, 3/8, 40km, QNH 1023 falling
1445 - 2000hr DCB, BV
A phenomenal afternoon, with an easterly flavour... a Blackwit arriving a 1515hr from the SE left at 1825 NW... unusually for this location a possible limosa!.. thus the arrival from the SE?. or maybe a juv islandica... some more work to do on this yet! A Med Gull almost got away unseen amongst a small band of blackheads leaving NW at c 1600hr but its white upperwing and stonking black mask made it stand out a mile as it passed me with naked eye... thus I caught it just in time.... Next another Whimbrel and finally a flava wagtail SW in the very late afternoon. More NW Gull Project colour ringed lessers but they would persist in sitting down just when I found them... so again remaining unread.
Black tailed Godwit 1
Mediterranean Gull 1
Whimbrel 1
flava wagtail 1
Swallow 43
LBB Gull 452
BH Gull 251
Common Gull 6
Wheatear 2
Curlew 3