Monday, June 25, 2007

Swifts and Soil Hill

Re: Swifts and Soil Hill
Hi Brian,thanks for your mail, sure you ar right about the Swifts. Nationally there must be a massive evacuation with the horrendous state of the weather today (Monday). They will need to do a massive circuit to miss out on this lot. Anyone else getting Swifts especially as the weather begins to clear?

Soil Hill should be interesting in the vis season, especially if you can latch on to one of the streams in addition to the broad front stuff. Good luck with a stiff challange!! You are right I am sure about most of the open moors, it seems to be the in-bye edge where the action is.


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"Brian Sumner" wrote:>

> Hi Dave and all,
Was up on Soil Hill today, 1500-1600hrs and the skies were alive with Swifts. As with yours many were drifting > W but most were blogging over the area feeding. I think this movement was due to a large feeding party ahead of the rain. This has happened on previous yearson those still, warm days when there are heavy showers about. May do vis mig from Soil Hill this time as it is poor to the West of the sacrifice stones, they dont seem to like moving through that vast area of open moorland.