Sunday, June 12, 2005

Watchpoint 12-06-2005

Members only watchpoint 12-06-2005
Sunday 12th June 2005
1320 - 1600hr
Weather and Sky:
Afternoon with increasing cloud becoming wet after a cool cloudy morning which became bright later on. Wind: WNW F2 becoming calm after first wet period and then NE F3 by 1600hr. Temp: 11 dp 7, becoming 9 dp 9. Visibility: Leck max / Eggborough max, becoming much less with approaching rain. Precipitation: Fine initially, but rain seen approaching from north and north east long before it got here. First wet spell, light rain 1425 –1505, then fine and almost calm until 1555 when heavy rain commenced. Cloud: initially stratocumulus withdrawing W and SW, rain bearing stratus advancing from N and NE, 8ok throughout. By 1545 cloudbase dropping, with high tops locally obscured. Pressure: falling quickly overnight and through morning, troughing at c 1007 by lunchtime.

Empty skies, with only a single Swift seen going south-west and no hirundines at all except for the locals. Only two Lesser BBG going NW today and three BH Gulls moving south in front of the rain. A long sit in the car between 1425 and 1505, but by 1600hrs it was raining heavily again, spreading south on a broad front and the afternoon was over. No Starlings were seen at all. Surprising there were no Swifts or hirundines between the wet spells as the winds calmed off and multitudes of worrying flies came out.

Birds in the Sky:
Lesser black backed Gull 2 > NW (16 loafing)
Black headed Gull 3 > S (1 loafing)
Swift 1 > SW
Lapwing 1 > NW


Leeshaw 12-06-2005

Thanks for that Brian.

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Leeshaw Reservoir.

1040hrs. Cold, NW > F3 and cloudy.
Common Tern 4 > N