Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oxenhope 16-05-2009 afternoon

Squally Showers moving NE (c) 2009

After the rains.... looking east... Cumulus castellatus (c) 2009

There should have been a Lancaster bomber flypast but this is all that came.... bahh!! (c) 2009 Boeing 757-27B
Female Pied (c) 2009
Redshank hunting! (c) 2009
1400 - 1815hr
S F4, 13degC, 65km between showers, 4/8 - 8/8 cumulonimbus heavy showers, QNH 1001 rising.
As often the case at this time of year, much more moving this afternoon than this morning. LBB Gulls now moving strongly with a fresh pulse after the storms, all ultimately NW and N. A single intermedius was noted on the wave wall before moving on. Mingled in amongst in well spaced singles were at least five Herring Gulls of varying ages.... a third summer with mustard legs was interesting but it flew on before it could be scrutinised. A Black headed Gull was uncommon for the time of year. House Martins were dodging the showers with small parties dropping in throughout the early part of the afternoon. The biggest let down was however the Lancaster bomber which never showed.... or if it did I must have missed it.....
Moving Birds:
House Martin 41 assumed N
LBB Gull 393 > NW and N
LBBG intermedius 1
Black headed Gull 1 > NW
Herring Gull 5 > NW
Swallow 3
Wheatear 1


Oxenhope 16-05-2009

Open sky overdrawing from the south (c) 2009

Low strato base advancing from the south.... rain not far away (c) 2009

0645 - 0845hr
E F2/3, 7degC, 30km E / 65km NNW, 2/8 increasing 8/8, QNH 1001 rising.

Cool and fresh. Initial open skys gradually closing, with strato base, from the south until overcast by 0800 and rain by 0820hr. Abandoned wet at 0845, possibly a bit too soon as the rain front had passed by 1000hr. Initially Swallows were moving north and north west along the embankment.... several House Martins and a single Sand Martin were in amongst but as the weather closed in the passage stopped almost as if the birds were moving in front of it? Two LBB Gulls were on the very little shore that was left and they soon flushed off to the north.... not to be replaced by more passing through.

Moving birds:
LBB Gull 2 > NW
Swallow 29 > N and NW
House Martin 17 > N and NW
Sand Martin 1

Grey Wagtail pair feeding big young. Lots of juvi Starlings about at home... but only just flying!


Oxenhope 15-05-2009

Easterlies. A very wet day right from the start until c1600hr when the skys began to clear and rain slacken off. Then a clear bright spell followed at c1900hr by a thunderstorm and more rain intermittent until dusk.