Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oxenhope 29-11-2008 On top of the fogs!

Dense fog on the moor before sunrise (c) 2008

Flat Calm....The back edge of the upland fog (c)2008

Looking East after clearance of upland fogs (c) 2008
0745 - 1030hr DB
Calm/NE F1, -4 rising -0degC, initial fog on moor dispursing leaving all valleys/lowlands full and shrouded with dense fog. 100m - 65km N, 0/8, QNH 996 steady.
Despite the horrendous forecast of widespread fog, the gamble of a 0515hr "get up" and on site for sunrise paid off!! Arrive on site with the gull and Goosander roost just breaking. No sunrise visible on the moor but mist soon rolling back to leave a deep blue and open sky.... very cold but in calm conditions the -4degC was hardly detectable in the brilliant sunshine. The lowlands and all of the valleys were choked with deep dense fogs but up here at the watchpoint, on top of the world and on top of the fogs! with visibility well up into the Dales..... Whernside capped in snow, but other high tops just frosty. Birdwise very quiet with long spells of nothing but the winter birds were moving and the visit was well worthwhile.
Moving Birds in order of appearance:
Meadow Pipit 2 > W
Pied Wagtail 21 > E (assume from one of the roosts)
Common Gull 36 > N
Pink footed Goose 56 > NW in two skeins
Woodpigeon 77 > NE
C Crow 4 > NW
Black headed Gull 73 > N
GBB Gull 6 > W
Goosander 11 > S
Starling 64 > N
Waxwing 6 > WSW coming up out of valley in group and on over the open moor
Peregrine 1 > W
LBB Gull 2 > S

Worth basin.... full of Fog! (c) 2008

Sentry Hill.... looking east down Airedale (c) 2008

Long Causeway... looking NE over Harden Moor to Whetstone Gate (c) 2008

Worth basin... looking North (c) 2008

Worth Basin looking NW (c) 2008