Friday, August 21, 2009

Oxenhope contrail vis... quite exotic when apparent! 21-08-2009

Initially a strato sky with no gaps... thus it remained until mid morning when it started to break from the west. However it must have been quite warm up there as whilst there were many jets in the upper air, they were very difficult to see owing to lack of contrailing. As mid day approached the sky opened more and a few shots were possible between the clouds... again proving much variation and some very exotic! but much heat haze and instability in the upper sky. the most common form of aerovis over here... may be of interest to someone? (c) 2009

Ditto (c) 2009

Air Canada going north north west (c) 2009
Air France going north north west (c) 2009
Air Tahiti Nui (French Polynesia) going north north west (c) 2009


Oxenhope.... a very poor morning 21-08-2009

Early Morning Sky... looking east (c) 2009

Rain on the way... looking SW (c) 2009

Mid-day sky.... looking NE (c) 2009

0715 - 1215hr

WSW F5, 11degC at 0700, 30km increasing 65, 8/8 stratus reducing 4/8 cu various, rain showers, QNH 1015 rising.

A very poor morning and despite the recent reports of Swallows on the move there were few past here today with the few seen adding up over a full mornings watch.... perhaps the conditions over the previous days were more suited to them? The bit of Swallow movement there was, was all going to the west as were the few pipits passing. However a Grey Plover heard and seen going north at 0918hr together with an unseen Whimbrel SW at 1011 saved the day but no substitute for a good early passerine vis day! A single Painted Lady passed W just before lunch time.

Moving Birds:

Grey Wagtail 4 > W

Swallow 66 > W

LBB Gull 30 SW and NW

BH Gull 3 > SW

Meadow Pipit 16 > W

Grey Plover 1 > N

Whimbrel 1 > SW

Starling 21 > S in one flock

Painted Lady 1 > W


Oxenhope... chats on the move 21-08-2009

Chats' on the move again today.

Trough Lane,
Wheatear 5, Whinchat 2, Stonechat 1,

Fly Flatts,
Wheatear 3.

Brian Vickers

Nab End, Rombalds Moor... no activity! 21-08-2009

Finished early at Nab End as no sign of movement at all. Local Mipits were about plus 2 Cormorants flew west, probably from Chelker. As I reached the car a L B B flew past. Swallows still feeding happily in fields below.
I would have stayed longer than 7.30 to 9.15 but I underestimated how open to the elements it is. Next time, more layers!!!

Shaun Radcliffe

Foxhill Queensbury... Swallows moving 20-08-2009

Foxhill Today
Steady flow of Swallows all day today >SW and W keeping moving right until last light at
approx 2030hrs.

B Sumner