Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bilberry Bumblebee - Bombus monticola

A long shot I know, but can anyone confirm this identification?

Five Photographs all (c) 2008

Any entomologists out there that specialise in bumblebees and can confirm this identification?


Paul Clough From The South..

Paul Clough...... looking North (c) 2007
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Paul Clough 02-09-2008

Hi Dave,
Paul Clough 0745-0900,
Siskin 40+,
Crossbill 8,
Bullfinch 6,
Chiffchaff 1,
Great Tit 5,
Sparrowhawk 1
Chaffinch 10.

Crossbills are something of a rarity at Paul Clough, these gave good views as they fed on Rowan berries opposite the viewing point, looked to be 2 adults and 6 Juveniles.

Brian Vickers.