Saturday, October 06, 2007

Norr Hill Wilsden 06-10-2007

1615 - 1730hr
W F1, 7/8, 45km.
Six Skylarks on the Hill in the usual place and three mipits in one of the fields to the north and thats it for this afternoon.
Alba Wagtail 4 > S

Paul Clough 06-10-2007

Chaffinch 60 > SSW by 0900hr

Rod Procter

Denholme Clough 06-10-2007

Denholme Clough (Simon Johnson/Mark Doveston)
7.15 -10.30 Overcast low cloud to start, breaking to blue skys by end of watch also no wind to start increasing to F1 Southerly.

Birds were lower down to start but got higher and harder to pick up as the cloud broke. Steady passage of mpipits for here along with a good numbers of finches and Pied Wags moving through. Several groups of Lapwing headed East and small numbers of Magpies were heading high West.

Lapwing 82 >E (groups of 60,5,2,15) and 12>NW
Swallow 48 >SE
House Martin 2 >SE
Skylark 3 >E
Mpipit 221 Mainly >ESE
Pied Wag 35 >S
Redwing 172 >Various
Fieldfare >E
Song Thrush 4 >SW
Jay 2 >N
Magpie 11 >W
Coal Tit 2 >E
Chaffinch 121 >ESE
Brambling >N
Greenfinch 77 >ESE
Siskin 28 >E
Redpoll 23 >SSE
Linnet >E
Goldfinch 41 > ESE
Bullfinch 16 >E (groups of 5,5,4,2)
Reed Bunting 3 >S

Not a mega morning but still a good do.


Oxenhope Watchpoint 06-10-2007

Mist over the Worth Basin at an overcast Sunrise (c) 2007

Breaking Skies by mid Morning (c) 2007

0650 - 1100hr (Dave Barker / Howard Creber)
S F1 rising S F2, 7degC rising 14, 5.5km max haze, 8/8 reducing 4/8, Dry, QNH 1025 steady.

Lower cloud and overcast lead to much lower flight levels today. Consequently much more could be identified / heard. Meadow Pipits, the strongest species by far continued moving at a uniform rate throughout the morning but Chaffinches (south !) also very strong today tailed off after a couple of hours. Reed Buntings deserve a mention as although only 17 went west, for this species 17 is good at this site!! Siskins were also exceptionally strong and all were going east. Whilst some groups totalling 19 > E were actually seen at least 15 other groups were heard going over but remained unseen. Again a few Jackdaws going high west over the open moor until lost from view. The best birds of the day by far were a group of 12 Long-tailed Tits picked up almost overhead these continued to gain height until they were way up in the blue and lost from view proceeding north west. A big influx in Goosander numbers at the roost this morning with the roost now 73 strong!!

Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 771 > S
Cormorant 1 > SW
Reed Bunting 17 > W
Redpol 1 > E
Chaffinch 115 > S
Redwing 3 > W
Fieldfare 3 > N
Woodpigeon 9 > E
Starling 6 > S
Siskin 19 > E + 15 unseen groups heard > E
Swallow 1 > SE
Goldfinch 40 > E
Greenfinch 44 > E
Golden Plover 1 > SE
Jay 1 > W
Skylark 3 > W
Lapwing 29 > N
Linnet 1 > E
Jackdaw 10 > W
Long-tailed Tit 12 > high NW
Stonechat 1
Goosander influx at roost to 73


Haze (c) 2007

The Nab......4/8 Open Skies and Sun (c) 2007

Passerine Movement Wharfedale 05-10-2007

Usual walk – Ilkley up to Round Hill, Beamsley Beacon and back over the moors and down into Ilkley.

Plenty of small bird movement on the edge of moor – including Meadow Pipits, Skylarks, Stonechats


More small bird movement at top of Round Hill – again mainly Meadow Pipits

1 Wheatear seen near top of Old Pike


A pretty good day!



Jan Stallworthy