Friday, October 17, 2008

Again MASSIVE Thrush Arrivals into the Country

It has been another storming day for thrush (mainly Redwing) arrivals today (Friday) as you will see from the VisMig site, better even than Wednesday with much of the North Sea and near continent inundated with high movement of birds from Norway etc in some cases detected only by radar. Arrivals that could be seen were mainly from mid morning onwards.

But in some places many have been coming into the Country low as well as high! At one site on the east coast in our region over 9000 were recorded coming in high, overflying but still visible. At another site in the Pennines at least 1700 were seen going over......... Sad I couldent get out!!

Again full details are on Yahoo.

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Caldene Fields Low Moor 17-10-2008

Log for Friday
No Redwings here but Woodies starting to move

17th October 08 Watch 07.15 - 09.45

Weather: A dry cool start to the morning with no wind of note. 80%
high thin cloud cover with clearer skies to the east. These
conditions basically remained for the rest of the watch. Temp 6c

Very good visibility after sunrise to Emley moor reducing to about 8
miles around 08.30.

Comments: A good morning with the first real push of Woodies moving
south and surprisingly a movement was noted to the N/E which lasted
from 07.35 through to around 08.15. Again I also noted this ' Pre
movement state' with at least one group of over 100 birds loosely
moving south only to twist and turn and then swoop down to feed on

There was also an increase in Chaffinch moving to the N/W noted.

Black Headed Gull > 41 S/S/W

LBB Gull > 7 N

Lapwing > 11 S

Wood Pigeon > 497 S + 217 N/E = 714

Meadow Pipit > 9 S

Alba Wagtail > 6 E + 10 S = 16

Starling > 7 S/W

Redwing > 18N/W + 53 S/W =71

Carrion Crow > 11S/S/W + 1 N/W =12

Chaffinch > 9 S/W + 26 N/W = 35

Greenfinch > 71 S/W

Goldfinch > 6 S/S/W + 7 N/W =13

100+ unidentified Geese ( probable PF) > N/E

Martyn Priestley