Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thruscross Bird Avalanche! 31-03-2009

8/8 cloud at first, cool later 6/8 cloud and mild. Wind generally N but on occasions SW!!

Dithered first thing but decided to go here in stead of Stainburn- I think the gamble paid off.

As soon as I got out the car mipits were steaming through N.

Meadow Pipit. 1428N; 633 in the frirst hour in flocks of up to 60.
There was a curious lull from 10-10.45 and then they went for it again and finally petered out just after 1200hr.
Crossbill- a single flock of 20N at 0800hrs
Coal Tit- as well as local birds a flock of 19 came in from the South just above the tree line, dropped down briefly before continuing N
Sand Matin 24N,
Swallow 2N
Siskin 34N,
Chaffinch 18N,
Goldfinch 14N
Starling 38N,
Alba wags (2 prob Whites amongst them) N
Redwing 6N
Buzzard 1N,
Red Kite 2N,
Sparrowhawk 3N,
Chiffchaff 2,
Oystercatcher 45

I seem to have chosen my week to take a couple of days leave well ( so far!).