Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back Lane Ogden 09-08-2009

Ogden Back Lane
09/08/2009 0745-0945hrs blue skies and sunshine.

Vis Mig :
c 75 House Martin > SW c 70 in one flock
48 Swallow > W
2 Curlew > W
5 Meadow Pipit > W
18 BH Gull > SW
4 LBB Gull > SW
2 Tree Pipit > W

08/08/2009 2200hrs
3 Wader over Foxhill calling in dark > W
Heard only, probable Redshank ?


Oxenhope... a good August morning! 09-08-2009

Masses of Black headed Gulls on the move (c) 2009

Big move of Large Whites, Small Whites and Green veined Whites (c) 2009

0730 - 1200hr
S F1 increasing SW F3, 13decC at 0700hr, 65km, 0/8 initially increasing 7/8 stratocumulus, QNH 1020 falling.

A quiet windless morning initially in all respects but as the wind picked up so did the moving birds and also butterflies! Biting flies initially were horrendous... proving too much for CK who had to abandon early. Whilst the skies were open, there were this morning, few contrails so little aero vis was apparent. However Black headed Gulls, Lesser black backed Gulls, a few Swallows and many white butterflies were moving well especially during the mid morning period whilst the skies were open. After 1100hr stratocumulus advancing from the west overdrew and by 1200... appart from the butterflies things were much more quiet. At one time at least 25 white butterflies were visible working their way along the embankment NW. Most of the gulls were coming in from the high NE and N with many overflying and continuing in waves and lines. Swallow movement was high with parties located way out into the NE followed approacing and continuing SW. Three waders were first picked up in the scope way out to the NE, as they approaced and overflew these turned out to be Dunlin!

Moving birds and butterflies:
Black headed Gull 860 > mainly SW
LBB Gull 161 > SW and NW
Swallow 73 > S and SW
Linnet 39 > W
Common Gull 1 > SW
Canada Goose 10 > SW
Swift 1 > SW
Dunlin 3 > SW
Curlew 3 > W
Mipit 25 (one group) coming in and moving on west
Large / Small and Green veined White.... many moving NW (uncountable)
Speckled Wood 1 > NW and several noted in the wood by the gates... an influx!
Meadow Brown 6+ > NW

Thomas Cook... Airbus A320 overhead (c) 2009


Castley Lower Wharfedale 09-08-2009

9th Aug 2009 7:30-10:00

Fairly quiet with windless, clear skies. Siskin, swift and cormorant following the river east, whilst singles of BHG following the ridges east. Woodpigeon moving up and down the river with no clear pattern.

W 1/8 F 0-1, 1020hpa falling

Moving birds.
Cormorant 2 E
Woodpigeon 15 W, 10 E
Swallow short-tailed juv 5 N
Swift 4 E
Grey Heron 1 W
Siskin 5 E
Greylag 8 NNW - into Washburn valley
Mallard 11 E 8 N
Grey Wag 1 N

Kingfisher 2
House Martin 25
Swallow 30


Stainburn recent Vis

July 27th Stainburn 0710-0905

Curlew 7 W
Lbbg 12 W
C Gull 8SW

Woodpig 22 W, 2 E
Swift 1 E
Golden Plover 1 w

Cormorant 2 S
Goose sp 20 E 0815
Canada Goose 15 in a few minutes after the above
Shelduck 2 SE- juvs
Mip 5 S

July 31st c0800-1100 (sunny and warm) Stainburn

Common G 2 S
Cormorant 8 South inc flock of 7.
swift 1W

most interest was with regards to birds 'on the move';

Curlew- 49- one flock flew West but then turned round and landed

August 8th -- 0540 -0750

A cold but beautiful morning with the highlight being a Little Egret Heading purposely South at 0604hrs. Movement sparse with the gulls probably originating from the Eccup roost.

Little Egret 1 S
G Heron 1 juv S- 2 mins or so after egret(more W track though)
BHG136 N
C Gull 6 N
Snipe 2 in
Oystercatcher 5 W
greylag 3 E
Sand Martin 17 N
flava wag 1 N
Mistle thrush 10 south
Swallow 15 N and W plus bloggers
Goldfinch 2W
Linnet 1N
Cormorant 2N Washburn Valley, 4 S over Vale of York
Lapwing 183 NW- but prob most landed

Andy Hanby