Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Satellite tagged Black-tailed Godwits

Hi Jef etal

Very interesting satellite tag maps Jef. I will keep and eye on these.

Black tailed Godwits on the move through northern England as well with birds reported today stopping off on either side of the Pennines at our latitude. These would I am sure have been Icelandic (islandica) birds as in July over the years, I have here where seperable only ever had one continental (limosa) bird against many Icelandics at this time of year. First week in July is right on target for summer plumage adults! I wonder do the Icelandic birds ever get down as far south as the Dutch continental (limosa) birds are getting or do they normally winter mainly in the UK?


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Not only Curlews are on the move but also Black-tailed Godwits and with what a speed.

In Holland they tagged some Godwits with satellite tags and the results are amazing.

One Black-Tailed Godwit made it to Senegal in 48 hours in a non-stop flight at a average speed of 80km/hour for a distance of 4000 km.

to follow the Black-tailed Godwits on the satellite maps go to:

The most amazing one see above is the one called Heidenskip.