Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oxenhope... New horizon marker 25-07-2009

New Wind Turbine Generators springing up everywhere.... this farm through the heat haze in North Lincolnshire on our far eastern horizon... Bagmoor?... or beyond? The coal fired powerstation in the fore ground is Ferrybridge (c) 2009

0920 - 1230hr
W F4, 15degC at 0800hr, 100km+, 3/8 - 7/8, QNH 1019 rising strongly.

Late on site this morning as other things to sort out first in town. Little moving except gulls during the first part of the visit but the visibility was exceptionally clear, with views into Linclonshire and beyond the Humber Bridge. Black headed Gulls were the most obvious movers with high singles and groups moving SW all morning. Fewer LBBGulls with some moving SW and others on track NW. By late morning it was very obvious that Sand Martins were on the move with small wild groups powering both low and at moderate height south. The smallest group was three (of which there were several) and the largest group was 10. There was little interest shown in the water as the birds just continued south. The movement was continuing whilst I was leaving. A lot were probably missed as the sky was very clear for most of the time and most of the martins seen were shooting through in low close binocular range. The other main point of interest were two flocks of Canada Geese which came in from the north to join the few with juvs that have been resident right through the breeding season. The first flying birds seen for some while!

Moving Birds:
Canada Goose 24 > S
Linnet 21 > S and SW
BH Gull 156 > SW
LBB Gull 31 > NW
Lapwing 1 > SW
Curlew 1 > SW
Swift 6 > W
Sand Martin 38 > S