Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oxenhope 15-02-2009

Altocumulus lenticularis (c) 2009

Massive Thaw Overnight (c) 2009

Residual Snow Behind the Walls (c) 2009

Water still 100% Deep Frozen (c) 2009

1430 - 1630hr
W F3, 7degC, 30km, QNH 1025 steady.

Conditions much improved after lunch with low cloud lifting, rain ceasing and temperature continuing to rise.

First day the moors free of snow. Access possible on foot up to the watchpoint today..... access road still ice bound.... water still 100% frozen but massive thaw overnight and through Sunday.

Golden Plover calls heard from the moor and in-bye but none seen. Gulls still coming in to roost but many not staying and flying on high south and south west. No passerines at all on our moors.

No moving birds.


More Pinks 15-02-2009

Airedale clagged with low cloud and fog at higher levels this morning (passage SE of weak front) so no pinks seen by me but conditions obviously a bit better over Wharfedale

Knotford Nook ....just SE of Otley, Yorks.(main lake 20% frozen, small lake 60% frozen)

80 Pinkfeet over heading west.