Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oxenhope 01-03-2009

Some of the Curlews moving on.... a montage (c) 2009

Lots of Starling activity over the In-bye (c) 2009

A more distant Starling flock > E (c) 2009

0830 - 1145hr
SW F3, 7degC, 10km max reducing with some drizzle, 8/8, QNH 1007 falling.

A deteriorating morning (with light drizzle becoming more frequent) but with Skylarks moving W throughout. Eight diffuse flocks were detected the largest of which contained ten birds. None of the birds were particularly high. Starlings were also very active, with at least some of the birds seen going through east. Curlews were also on the move with three flocks totalling 21 passing through west. One party touched down on the wave wall before moving on. A single Pied Wagtail went streight through NW. Very few birds in the general area yet with no mipits on the moor.... Golden Plovers could be heard displaying on the high moor. Lapwings some on territory but others still in a large group over the in-bye.

Moving birds:
Skylark 27 > W
Starling 2700, some > E
Curlew 21 > w
alba wagtail 1 > NW

Golden Plover 4+
Lapwing 235 +
Carrion Crow 15