Thursday, August 23, 2007

Queensbury Tonight 23-08-2007

Bright clear skies, red sunset N>2

Mega move of House Martins today, a steady trickle has been moving > SW all day but at 1945hrs 150+ were flying around Black Dyke Mill chimney for 15 mins before all moving off > SW at 2000hrs. After that the skies were quiet.


Wilsden Tonight 23-08-2007

Sundown Tonight (c) 2007

After Sunset (c) 2007

1850 - 2010hr
NE F2, 17degC, 1/8, Clear warm and dry.

A massive influx of House Martins tonight with c200 massing and congregating over the hillside. Lesser BB Gulls also moving strongly to the NW with several groups of up to ten passing overhead with a total of about 85 seen. Mipits in the picture again with 16 > W and 7 > E. Woodpigeons still presumeably going off to roost > NE with 14 passing over head and finally a single Swift at 2005hr > high SE. A wonderful sunset tonight finished off the evening.