Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oxenhope 19-09-2008

Dawn This Morning (c) 2008

0630 - 1015 DB/HC
W F2, 9.8degC rising 14, 6km mist, 8/8 stratus, QNH 1024 falling then rising.

Rain further north overnight, moving out into the North Sea but remaining dry and clear here with cloud cover (broken Stratus nebulosus opacus this time) invading before dawn. Conditions seemed ok but just very few mipits on the move this morning. The little mipit movement that there was, all faded away prior to 0800hr leaving deathly quiet, dismal, murky, cold, and most disappointingly almost vis-less conditions. Not even Howards Warburtons best honey breakfast sandwiches could coax a Honey Buzzard into sight! Finches however were moving quite well later on with Goldfinch 4 parties, Chaffinch 5 parties and Linnet 3 parties. 31 Goosanders were at roost at first light.

Moving Birds in order of appearance:
Meadow Pipit 110 > mainly south and west but with a few of the early ones north. The first mipit over was at 0642hr.
alba wagtail 4 > SW
Siskin 24 > SW
Linnet 18 > SW
Mistle Thrush 6 > W
Song Thrush 2 singles SW on call
BH Gull 14 > S
Starling 1 > W
Redshank 2 left high NW
LBB Gull 12 > S
Goldfinch 59 > SE
Chaffinch 31 > W
Swallow 3 > S
Reed Bunting 1 > W
Lapwing 5 > S
Golden Plover 1
Snipe 6 > W
Merlin 1 > S
Skylark 2 (1 > E and 1 > W)

Stonechat 2


Wharfedale 18-09-2008

SW F2, 8degC, 4.9km mist, 1/8 open sky, QNH 1024 falling
0810 - mid afternoon

Hey up,

Had a reight good do today at watchpoint. Arrived at 08.10 hrs - misty conditions towards the fell and in valley, but clear up towards the Moor. Plenty of Coal Tits, Greenfinch, Chaffinch and several Willow Warblers. Nowt doing raptor wise initially. Then at 08.30 hrs, picked up a small (slightly bigger than House Sparrow) pale brownish undulating bird flying over field behind watchpoint from the north (height about 30 feet) - immediate impression was a woodpecker - a Lesser pecker ? but wrong colour. As it came over road, binned it and was highly delighted to record a WRYNECK - grey brown back, pale below, close barring on chin and dark stripe behind eye - I will submit a detailed description report shortly. It continued to fly south down the valley and disappeared into the low lying mist. Closest distance from bird approx 40 feet as it flew past.

Mist slowly cleared by mid morning and lovely afternoon prevailed - plenty of warm sunshine and light SW breeze.

OSPREY seen mid morning over fell - also seen by Gordon Holmes and Colin from Threshfield

HONEY BUZZARD seen at 15.18 hrs initially over the hill and then out over valley - AGG,GH,HC,AT,Colin (Threshfield) and Mark (Gargrave).


Steady flow of Swallows south but not in great numbers
A handful of Mipits seen all south

Will be up at Oxenhope in the morning.


Howard Creber

Paul Clough 18-09-2008

SW F2, 7.3degC, 4.9km, 1/8 open sky, QNH1024 falling. (0700hr conditions)

Meadow Pipits were moving SW through and around Paul Clough this morning, 150-200 approx between 8.00am and 9.30 am.

Stephen Lilley