Thursday, October 09, 2008

More of the Paul Clough Whoopers 08-10-2008

Whoopers over Paul Clough.... Blue Riband Inland vis.....
Four Photos all (c) BV 2008

Paul Clough 09-10-2008

A misty cold morning with variable visibility only clearing as we left the Clough at 0930.

Paul Clough 0745 - 0930hr,
Chaffinch 56, Siskin 28, Redpoll 2, Greenfinch 14, Wood Pigeon 18, Redwing 38, Goldfinch 8, Mistlethrush 2,Pied Wagtail 2, Meadow pipit 20+

Nab Water Lane PM,
5 Stonechat.

Brian Vickers.

Oxenhope 09-10-2008

When Have We Seen This Before.... the Sky at 0730hr (c) HC 2008

This is the best, the very best it got.... the sky at 0930hr (c) HC 2008

0730-0950hr HC
SSW F4 / F5, 6degC, 400m - 1000m, 8/8, QNH 1028 rising 1029.

Mist,mist and more mist - frustratingly thwarted once again by our beloved "friend". S F4 rising to F5 during stay. Tantalisingly, there were times when the mist appeared to be clearing up, but false dawns I`m afraid, as what improved visibility there was, was quickly cancelled out by more dense banks of mist. Retreated down the hill at 09.50 hrs and found clearer skies at Leeshaw.

Points of note at the watchpoint - at 07.45 hrs, nearly had my head knocked off by 15 Canada Geese that suddenly appeared out of the fog like the dambusters - they just skirted the wave wall about 15 feet from me to the south - close call ! Also, a flock of 19 Jackdaws appeared through the mist in a very tight pack, and were clearly reorientating in the thick mist - they circled twice and disappeared into the mist in a NW direction.

Birds actually seen in order of appearance :-

Meadow Pipts - 21 W
Canada Goose - 15 onto res - say no more !
Goldfinch - 2 S
Alba Wag - 3 W
Greenfinch - 2 W with.........
Redpoll - 1 W
Chaffinch - 5 SW
Jackdaw - 21 NW
Cormorant - 1 W

NB - 4 Goldcrests in wood - seen on way out.


Meadow Pipts - 24 W
Alba Wag - 1 W
Linnet - 1 W



Persistent Cloud Over the Watchpoint... (From Leeshaw) (c) HC 2008

Nice To Have Some Visibility.... Leeshaw (c) HC 2008

Caldene Fields 09-10-2008

Looks as if Woodies are starting to move at Caldene as well Nick.

9th October 08 Watch 7.00 - 08.45
Weather: A dry very misty start to the morning with 80% cloud clearer to the east and visibility to only 2 miles. Around 07.30 cloud cleared from the S/W when a F1 S/W was noted reducing cloud cover to 40% these conditions lasted till 08.15 when thick low cloud came in from the S/W giving low cloud cover to 90%. Temp 7c

Comments: A watch of what I have missed rather than what I have recorded with some good movements noted when looking through the 'cloud Window' around 07.30. During this time Greenfinch moved in very good numbers and Wood Pigeon were moving mainly to the S/W rather than due south.

Black Headed Gull > 126 S/S/W
Lesser Black Backed Gull > 4 S
Wood Pigeon > 141 S/W
Meadow Pipit > 15 S
Alba Wagtail > 9 S/W + 2 E =11
Starling > 34 S/W
Mistle Thrush > 6 N/W + 4 S/W=10
Redwing > 6 W + 7 N = 13
Carrion Crow > 5 S/S/W = 1E =6
Chaffinch > 12 S/W
Greenfinch > 91 S/W
Goldfinch > 14 N/W+ 6 N=20

Martyn Priestley