Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trough Lane Oxenhope 18-04-2009

Wheatear Trough Lane (c) BV 2009

Trough Lane, 3 Wheatears (early Am)

Moorside Lane, 45 Golden Plover

Brian Vickers

Oxenhope 18-04-2009

Post Sunrise This Morning (c) 2009

Sun Through Thickening Fractus (c) 2009

Chellow Heights Water Treatment Works (c) 2009

Mipit of the Day (c) 2009

0600 - 1030hr DBarker/H Creber/TAnderton
NNE F3 - NE F3, 3degC initially, 25km reducing 15km, 1/8 cumulus fractus increasing stratocumulus 6/8, QNH 1020 rising.

OXENHOPE SENTRY: Contrary to the weather forecast open skys to the east over the North Sea initially with cloud advancing from that direction rather than receeding. A poor morning once again with cold blocking north easterlies, albeit quite light, probably still holding things back. A few birds were however breaking through with albas relatively strong and the best early morning count of Swallows to date but still hardly any mipits with only singles and twos going through. The first mipit did not pass until 0635hr. Every morning here since the disaster on Easter monday has been cold and exceedingly misty, thus even if time had been available to watch little would have been seen in the hills...... so hoping that nothing missed!!!

Moving Birds in order of appearance:

alba wagtail 16 > NE
Swallow 27 > N
Meadow Pipit 13 > NW
Carrion Crow 14 > N amd NE
Linnet 3 > NW
Goldfinch 1 > NW
Golden Plover 3 > W and S
Wood Pigeon 2 > E
Sparrowhawk 1 > NW
LBB Gull 29 > NW
Reed Bunting 2 > W
Starling 2 > NW