Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oxenhope 30-12-2007

Sunrise Today!! (c) 2007

Sunshine from A Gap in the Clouds... looking north (c) 2007

0810 - 1030hr
WNW F3, 5degC, 25km haze, some very light drizzle, 7/8, 1022 rising.

A damp overcast morning much more cloudy and much warmer than forecast. A poor sunrise obscured by cloud. Birdwise more birds in the sky than on Christmas day with two parties of Lapwing going high north and a couple of Greylag going the same way. The bird of the day was a single Skylark calling overhead as it went west. Whilst better than last time, not an inspireing morning.

Moving Birds:
Lapwing 300 > N
Skylark 1 > W
Greylag Goose 2 > N
Reed Bunting 2 > W

Robin 3
Wren 2+
Red Grouse many


Breaking Sky mid morning... looking south (c) 2007

Watersheddles Col... looking north west (c) 2007