Monday, August 20, 2007

Queensbury Tonight 20-08-2007

Cloudy grey skies, >N3. Daylight gone by 2030hrs.
6 SWALLOWS...........>SW 1920hrs
1 SWIFT..............>SW 1930hrs
2 GOLDEN PLOVER, looked to be heading for Oxenhope watch point 1945hrs

3 SWIFTS reported last night over Midgley Moor, Halifax
N.C. Calderbirds.

Wilsden Tonight 20-08-2007

1840 -1940hr
N F2/3, 10degC, 8/8, Clear, Dry.
No Gulls, no Starlings and no Mipits tonight but an influx of House Martins tonight with al least c60 + the regulars (they did keep seperate with the big flock milling and twisting over the side of the hill). These all vanished at c1930 when some were seen climbing to a great height. Otherwise 12 Woodpigeon > NE and thats it for tonight.