Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oxenhope 05-07-2008

The Sky to the NNE at 0420hr (c) 2008

Lesser Black-backed Gulls > S and NW (c) 2008

0550 - 1005hr
E F2 rising E F5, 10degC, 65km reducing 5km, 8/8, QNH 1010 falling 1005. Dry until 0715 then intermittent showers until exceptionally heavy rain after 1005hr.

A good morning in respect of the gulls with both LBB Gulls and BH Gulls constantly passing in two broad fronts, to the south and to the north west. South was the preferred direction. Not unexpectly Crossbills as well with a small group of five calling and picked up on approach high from the north east at 0624hr. Two Oystercatchers went streight through to the NW. Swifts were going east into the wind, all were low and appearing to skirt the edges of the showers.

Moving Birds:
LBB Gull 431 > NW and S
BH Gull 211 > NW and S
Crossbill 5 > SW
Oystercatcher 2 > NW
Swift 27 > E


Impending Rain at 0715hr (c) 2008

Oystercatcher > NW (c) 2008